Grow Your Future

Skillinvest has partnered with Jobs Victoria and the Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria to deliver Grow Your Future, a learning and development program for jobseekers interested in a career in horticulture.

You will be trained by an experienced industry specialist in key workplace skills and provided free access to vital resources and supports, including uniforms and workplace PPE.

Benefits for participants

  • Three days pre-vocational training in key workplace skills to build confidence and job readiness;
  • Insight into the horticulture practises and what career opportunities and pathways are available in the industry;
  • Training in employability skills such as communications, problem solving, and the skills expected in the workplace, including interpersonal skills and teamwork;
  • Learn about employee rights and employers responsibilities in the workplace regarding wellbeing, health and safety, and how to effectively give and receive feedback to build a better workplace;
  • Free access to vital resources and supports, including employment checks, uniforms and workplace personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • Workplace buddy for 4 weeks when commencing employment;
  • Structured mentor programme for the first 6 months of engagement;
  • Explore potential job opportunities with employers and learn how to be adaptable and resilient in the workplace;
  • Additional three days of introductory horticultural training, to expose candidates to the many facets of this diverse and important industry.

With the background knowledge of what a career in horticulture looks like, a strong foundation of key workplace skills and links to employers in the industry, you can prepare for a long-term, successful career in horticulture.

Benefits for host employers

  • Access to a selection of job ready candidates;
  • Recruitment will take place by experienced recruitment specialists who will match candidates to your jobs and skills requirements;
  • Learning and material expenses including preemployment checks and personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • Additional funding, including an employer mentor support subsidy and any social / cultural training support and assistance;
  • There are numerous supports with minimal recruitment interference and costs (fully-funded recruitment process).


Jobseekers will be selected from priority groups including those who are long-term unemployed, people from CALD communities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disability, young people aged 18-25, women aged 45 and over, veterans and their families, and jobseekers registered with a Jobs Victoria partner.

You can also visit the Grow Your Future website to learn more.


This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Jobs Victoria, in partnership with Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria.


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