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MEM30305 – Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade

Course Summary:

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required for employment as an Engineering Tradesperson - Fabrication within the metal, engineering, manufacturing and associated industries or other industries where Engineering Tradespersons - Fabrication work.

Career Outcomes:

  • Engineering Tradesperson - Metal Fabrication, Forging, Founding, Structural Steel Erection, Electroplating, Metal Spinning, Metal Polishing, Sheet Metal Work



Class Delivery



Part time

Full time

Part time

Full time




72 months

36 months

Delivery Method:            

  • Workplace / Flexible Delivery
  • Classroom

How to Apply:                     

  • By phone:
    • Skillinvest Metro – 1300 135 008
    • Skillinvest Regional – 1300 308 620

Entry Requirements:

  • There are no prerequisites for this qualification

Fees and Charges:

  • Refer to the Fees & Charges link on the Skillinvest website (

Qualification Requirements:

  • The minimum requirements for achievement of the Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade are:
    • completion of all (12) core units of competency listed below, and
    • completion of Group A units to the value of at least 40 points, and
    • completion of units from Group B to bring the total value to at least 73 points

Core Units:

  • MEM12023A Perform Engineering Measurements
  • MEM12024A Perform Computations
  • MEM13014A Apply Principles of Occupational Health and Safety in the Work Environment
  • MEM14004A Plan to Undertake a Routine Task
  • MEM14005A Plan to complete Activity
  • MEM15002A Apply Quality Systems
  • MEM15024A Apply Quality Procedures
  • MEM16007A Work With Others in a Manufacturing, Engineering or Related Environment
  • MEM16006A Organise and Communicate Information
  • MEM16008A Interact with Computing Technology
  • MEM17003A Assist in the Provision of on the Job Training
  • MSAENV272B Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices

Elective Group A:

  • MEM03003B Perform Sheet and Plate Assembly
  • MEM05004C Perform Routine Oxy Acetylene Welding
  • MEM05005B Carry Out Mechanical Cutting
  • MEM05007C Perform Manual Heating and Thermal Cutting
  • MEM05010C Apply Fabrication, Forming and Shaping Techniques
  • MEM05011D Assemble Fabricated Components
  • MEM05012C Perform Routine Manual Metal Arc Welding
  • MEM05013C Perform Manual Production Welding
  • MEM05015D Weld Using Manual Metal Arc Welding Process
  • MEM05017D Weld Using Gas Metal Arc Welding Process
  • MEM05019D Weld Using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process
  • MEM05049B Perform Routine Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • MEM05050B Perform Routine Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • MEM18001C Use Hand Tools
  • MEM18002B Use Power Tools/Hand Held Operations
  • MEM05051A Select Welding Processes
  • MEM05052A Apply Safe Welding Practices
  • MEM05006C Perform Brazing and/or Silver Soldering
  • MEM12007D Mark Off/Out Structural Fabrications and Shapes
  • MEM05036C Repair/Replace/Modify Fabrications
  • MEM05037C Perform Geometric Development
  • MEM09002B Interpret Technical Drawing

Elective Group B:

  • MEM11011B Undertake Manual Handling
  • MEM16005A Operate as a Team Member to Conduct Manufacturing, Engineering or Related Activities
  • MEM16004B Perform Internal/External Customer Service
  • MEM05022C Perform Advanced Welding Using Oxy Acetylene Welding Process
  • MEM03001B Perform Manual Production Assembly
  • MEM07001B Perform Operational Maintenance of Machines/Equipment
  • MEM11010B Operate Mobile Load Shifting Equipment
  • MEM12006C Mark Off/Out (General Engineering)