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RGR40208 – Certificate IV in Racing (Jockey)

Course Summary:

A jockey is an independent professional sportsperson licensed by thoroughbred racing industry authorities to compete in industry-regulated competition. The jockey contracts riding services on a daily basis to owners and trainers. A jockey possesses the highest level of race riding and horse handling skills, which require application of problem solving skills to unpredictable problems.

Career Outcomes:

  • Apprentice Jockey
  • Jockey



Class Delivery



Part time

Full time

Part time

Full time





36 months

Delivery Method:            

  • Workplace / Flexible Delivery

How to Apply:                     

  • By phone:
    • Skillinvest Metro – 1300 135 008
    • Skillinvest Regional – 1300 308 620

Entry Requirements:

  • To commence this qualification an individual must: have completed RGR30518 Certificate III in Racing (Trackwork Rider) or demonstrated skills and experience in riding and handling thoroughbred horses commensurate with the Certificate III in Racing (Trackwork Rider).
    Must be an apprentice under contract.

Fees and Charges:

  • Refer to the Fees & Charges link on the Skillinvest website (

Qualification Requirements:

To meet the packaging rules and attain the qualification, a total of 17 units must be completed, comprising:

  • 11 core units
  • 6 elective units

Core Units

  • BSBSMB303 Organise finance for the micro business
  • BSBSMB305 Comply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for micro business
  • RGRCMN305 Participate in racing protests and inquires
  • RGRCMN402 Participate in media interviews for racing 
  • RGRPSH310 Prepare for self-management in racing
  • RGRPSH405 Ride horses in jump outs 
  • RGRPSH413 Prepare for race riding
  • RGRPSH414 Ride horses in trials 
  • RGRPSH415 Ride horses in races
  • RGRPSH418 Set goals to improve racing performance 
  • RGRPSH419 Manage principles of sports science for jockeys

Elective Units

  • BSBFIA301 Maintain financial records
  • BSBFIA303 Process accounts payable and receivable
  • RGRPSH407 Educate thoroughbred horses for racing
  • SISSCOP308A Model the responsibilities of an elite athlete
  • SISSCOP309A Design an athletes diet 
  • RGRPSH422 Promote and maintain business arrangements with racehorse owners