Qualification Code: AUR31120

Qualification: Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Technology

Course Category: Automotive


Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology


This qualification reflects the role of individuals who perform a broad range of tasks on a variety of heavy commercial vehicles in the automotive service and repair sector.


Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technician DURATION (GUIDE ONLY) Class Delivery Part Time: NA / Full Time: NA Traineeship/Apprenticeship Part Time: NA / Full Time: 36 months


Workplace / Flexible Delivery


There are no specific licenses that relate to this qualification. However, some units in this qualification may have licensing or regulatory requirements, depending on the work context. Local regulations should be checked for details. You must have a training agreement with a registered employer from a relevant Industry to enrol into the apprenticeship program. FEES & CHARGES Refer to the Fees & Charges on our Skillinvest website


To receive this qualification you must complete 22 core units, plus 14 elective units. Elective units have been chosen by Skillinvest based on feedback from industry.

AURAEA002 Follow Environmental and Sustainability Best Practice in an Automotive Workplace  AURETR143 Diagnose and Repair Electronic Body Management Systems
AURASA102 Follow Safe Working Practices in an Automotive Workplace AURHTB002 Diagnose and Repair Heavy Vehicle Hydraulic Braking Systems
AURETR112 Test and Repair Basic Electrical Circuits AURHTQ102 Diagnose and Repair Heavy Commercial Vehicle Final Drive Assemblies
AURETR122 Diagnose and Repair Vehicle Dynamic Control Systems AURHTX101 Diagnose and Repair Heavy Vehicle Manual Transmissions
AURETR124 Diagnose and Repair Compression Ignition Engine Management Systems AURHTX104 Diagnose and Repair Heavy Vehicle Clutch Systems
AURETR125 Test, Charge and Replace Batteries and Jump Start Vehicles AURTTA003 Use and Maintain Basic Mechanical Measuring Devices
AURETR129 Diagnose and Repair Charging Systems AURTTA017 Carry Out Vehicle Safety Inspections
 AURETR130 Diagnose and Repair Starting Systems AURTTD002 Inspect and Service Steering Systems
AURHTB101 Diagnose and Repair Heavy Vehicle Air Braking Systems AURTTD004 Inspect and Service Suspension Systems 
AURHTD102 Diagnose and Repair Heavy Vehicle Steering Systems AURTTE104 Inspect and Service Engines
AURHTD103 Diagnose and Repair Heavy Vehicle Suspension Systems AURTTX103 Inspect and Service Automatic Transmissions
AURTTC003 Diagnose and Repair Cooling Systems  AURTTZ102 Diagnose and Repair Exhaust Systems
 AURHTE102 Diagnose and Repair Heavy Vehicle Compression Ignition Engines AURVTW108 Carry Out Oxyacetylene Welding, Thermal Heating and Cutting
AURHTQ103 Diagnose and Repair Heavy Vehicle Drive Shafts AURVTW109 Carry Out Basic Gas Metal Arc Welding
AURHTZ001  Diagnose and Repair Heavy Vehicle Emission Control Systems    
AURTTA006  Inspect and Service Hydraulic Systems    
AURTTA104 Carry Out Servicing Operations    
AURTTA118 Develop and Carry Out Diagnostic Test Strategies     
AURTTC103 Diagnose and Repair Cooling Systems    
AURTTF102 Inspect and Service Diesel Fuel Injection Systems    
AURTTK102 Use and Maintain Tools and Equipment in an Automotive Workplace    
AURTTQ001 Inspect and Service Final Drive Assemblies    

** Elective unit selection should be discussed with your training provider to successfully customise a package to meet industry needs

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth funding. Individuals with a range of abilities and backgrounds are encouraged to apply