Skillinvest currently employs and manages approximately 400 apprentices and trainees across Victoria, in various industries and roles. We recently expanded interstate and also have trainees based in Western Australia and Queensland.

We provide a simple, cost-effective solution to employing and managing apprentices and trainees. We can help with the recruitment and placement of suitable candidates and the selection of a suitable RTO to provide nationally recognised training and qualifications. We provide ongoing support throughout the apprentice or trainees training and development, and support your business with all the related administration and payroll requirements.

Operating as an extension of your team, we will help you with all your workforce management needs to help build a motivated and highly-skilled team as and when you need it. We will also remove many of the pressures associated with the employment of young apprentices and trainees, so you can focus on the important task of running and growing your business.


“Graeker Construction have had a long-lasting history with the Skillinvest training department. For over 15 years we have utilised their training and we will continue to send our apprentices there. We find the flexibility at Skillinvest of being able to send the apprentices to school on the days that works in with us. The flexibility of the trainers with the apprentices being able to complete things at different stages and work in flexible with us is extremely helpful. We hope to continue our relationship with Skillinvest for years to come.”

Graeme Howard, Graeker Constructions


“I’m completing a mechanic apprenticeship here at Rapid Tune in Lilydale. I’ve been completing my training through Skillinvest. I have had Justin from Skillinvest come out and teach us the whole course from start to finish, it’s really good because it’s not intrusive, I don’t have to get up and got to a school, I can just come to work everyday like normal and learn here in a comfortable environment.”

Vinnie, Cert III Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, Rapid Tune Lilydale


“My current apprentice started as a school based apprentice; this proved to me how good he is which was a great advantage before offering a full time apprenticeship. It’s all about giving a young person a start. Having apprentices and trainees is for them to grab the ball, run with it and blossom under our guidance. The training provided to these young people by Skillinvest is top notch with good quality tradies training our apprentices.”

John McConville, Donald Steel

About this service

As a Group Training Organisation (GTO), Skillinvest employs apprentices and trainees under a training and employment contract and places them with ‘host employers’ for as long as they need them.

We manage everything on behalf of the employer including the initial recruitment and placement, ongoing training and skills development, wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensation, sick/ holiday pay and all other employment benefits and requirements.

Why Skillinvest?

The GTO model is the easiest and most effective way for businesses to take on a new apprentice or trainee. You get all the advantages of a carefully selected candidate, for short or long-term placement, without the hassle of paperwork and payroll. We take care of all the administration, while you simply allow them time off to attend any off-the-job training that may be required.


In partnership with Skillinvest, you can employ apprentices and trainees as and when your workload dictates and at the skill level that you require. No commitment to long term employment is required, saving your business the cost of employment in times of work shortage.

As part of a sustainable employment system, apprentices or trainees are rotated if they are no longer required or your project is finalised before their training is completed. Should this happen, Skillinvest will take responsibility and make all the arrangements for the apprentice or trainee to be rotated to another employer.


  • Cost-effective and easy way to take on an apprentice or trainee
  • Save time and resources on recruitment and administration
  • Employ an apprentice or trainee as your workload demands
  • Access our comprehensive database of apprentices and trainees
  • Ensure ongoing training and mentoring of apprentices and trainees

Skillinvest is a leading provider of apprenticeships and traineeships, practical hands-on training and nationally accredited courses. We can help with any of your workforce management needs and will create tailored, practical and rewarding solutions to help your business, employees, apprentices and trainees operate effectively and efficiently, and achieve personal and professional goals.

Partnering with Skillinvest to oversee your workforce management, apprenticeship and traineeship needs, will help you build a skilled and motivated team as and when you need it. With more than 30 years of experience we have worked with organisations of all sizes and from a range of industries, including Automotive, Agriculture, Building and Construction, Civil Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering, Business Management, Equine Racing, Hairdressing, Food and Hospitality, IT and Communications plus many more.