We can help with the recruitment and placement of suitable apprentices and trainees, manage their ongoing training and development, as well as provide day to day administration and payroll support. Tap into our local and industry networks to find motivated young talent to suit and support your unique business needs.

Operating as an extension of your team, we’ll help you build a motivated and highly-skilled workforce to foster a more positive workplace culture and improve staff retention. We also help to remove many of the pressures associated with the employment of young apprentices and trainees, so you can focus on the important task of running and growing your business.


“On the Job Training and assessment in my opinion has revolutionised the early part of an apprentice’s working career. In my case, our apprentice started as a school based position where he was with us two days a week. During this time Skillinvest provided the guidance and expertise that I think is required to start a young person on their way to being a confident tradesman with a sound work ethic. To have a trainer come into our workplace and provide the necessary reference material and knowledge, as well as carrying out the assessments has been brilliant.”

Garry Drabsch, CFA – Ballarat & District Mechanical Workshop


“Skillinvest has provided clear and friendly training throughout my learning experience. If you are having issues with understanding the learning, the trainers try to explain it in a way that you will understand. My trainer has been a great coach and has been very supportive of my learning. I would highly recommend Skillinvest to anyone wanting to learn trade skills and further their knowledge for a better career.”

Katrina, Cert III Automotive Sales, Emmetts


“Wilson & Bolton have a long-standing association with Skillinvest and find that the management of an apprentice and or trainee is a joint effort to ensure they complete their qualifications. Skillinvest provide invaluable ongoing support for both the apprentice and our business from the day the position is created through to the day the apprentice completes their qualification.”

Brian Thomas, Wilson & Bolton

About this service

We connect employers and businesses with quality, pre-screened candidates from among our local and industry networks and databases. Our consultants have built strong relationships with local schools and actively engage with students and young people who are seeking apprenticeships and traineeships. We can also coordinate a tailored recruitment campaign to meet your specific needs.

Why Skillinvest?

To ensure that we continue to provide the best quality candidates we:

  • Develop and maintain relationships with schools and youth organisations
  • Regularly visit schools and work with careers counsellors
  • Advertise in school newsletters, local newspapers, on social media and online
  • Screen and reference check suitable candidates to be added to our database
  • Work with external organisations to access a diverse range of candidates


Our services will take the hassle out of recruiting and managing apprentices and trainees, saving you time and resources while ensuring you have access to the best possible candidates.

We will work alongside you to ensure that each apprentice and trainee continues to develop all the skills and knowledge required to support and grow your business. Skillinvest will become your employment partner – working as an extension of your team, for as long as you need us!


  • Access our cost-effective and proven recruitment process
  • Save time and resources on the recruitment process
  • Access our comprehensive networks and database of candidates
  • Ensure ongoing training and mentoring of apprentices and trainees
  • Tailored support for your business growth and development needs

Skillinvest is a leading provider of pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships and traineeships, practical hands-on training and nationally accredited courses. We create tailored, practical and rewarding employment and training pathways to help students, young people, apprentices, trainees, employers and their staff, to reach their true potential and achieve personal and professional goals.

Partnering with Skillinvest to oversee your apprenticeship and traineeship needs, will help you build a skilled and motivated workforce, as well as remove the pressures of managing staff, particularly young apprentices and trainees.

Bringing more than 30 years of experience, we have worked with organisations of all sizes and from a range of industries, including Automotive, Agriculture, Building and Construction, Civil Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering, Business Management, Equine Racing, Hairdressing, Food and Hospitality, IT and Communications plus many more.