In a marketplace requiring effective and flexible workforce management and employment solutions, there has never been a better time to consider Labour hire. At Skillinvest, we provide a comprehensive range of employment services, including the assignment of staff for short-term, temporary and seasonal roles and projects.

Utilising our local and industry networks and databases, we’ll provide qualified, skilled and motivated staff to suit and support your business needs. Our quality recruitment processes, including tight selection and screening standards, will save you time looking for staff and ensure that you get the best possible candidates.


“Nuseed has been using Skillinvest for more than 15 years for labour hire services. During that time, we would hire anywhere between 15 to 25 people per calendar year. They have always been good to deal with and included all types of roles such as field, lab and administration work. Thank you Skillinvest for all your help.”

Daryl Scollary, Nuseed


“The ability to contribute to assisting the general community with providing labour hire and permanent candidates and the staff I’m surrounded by is what makes working at Skillinvest the most enjoyable job. The satisfaction of finding meaningful employment for the community is the everyday highlight of my role.”

Daniel, Business Development Consultant – Labour Hire and Recruitment


“Council has a long association with Skillinvest who have for many years partnered with Council to provide apprenticeships, traineeships and labour hire and associated services. Skillinvest management and consultants provide valuable vocational education and employment services to our region. Northern Grampians Shire Council provides support of Skillinvest as a trusted provider of these services.”

Michael Bailey, CEO Northern Grampians Shire Council

About this service

Skillinvest provides skilled and licensed personnel for short or long-term assignments and projects under Labour Hire (on-hire) employment arrangements, across all industry types.

Our impressive database includes a mix of school leavers as well as skilled, qualified and licensed personnel who are ready and eager to work. We will match your business needs with their skills and licenses, or we can run a tailored advertisement campaign designed to meet your specific needs.

Why Skillinvest?

Skillinvest can support your business with Labour Hire services including:

  • Conducting workplace induction and safety checks
  • Payment of wages, taxation and superannuation
  • Organisation of any required insurance, like WorkCover
  • General administration support
  • Performance manage of labour hire staff


Using Labour Hire to fill your workforce needs will save you valuable time, money and resources. All the hard work is done for you while your productivity is maintained.

Working in partnership with Skillinvest, you can employ temporary or fixed-term staff as and when your workload dictates and at the skill level that you require.


  • Easy and cost-effective way to hire temporary staff
  • Save time and resources with recruitment support
  • Utilise our Labour Hire services as your workload demands
  • Reduced administration and payroll requirements
  • Access to our database of qualified and job ready staff

Skillinvest is a leading provider of workforce management, employment and training services and solutions. Partnering with Skillinvest to support your labour hire and temporary staffing needs, will provide you with a skilled and motivated workforce, and remove the pressures of finding and recruiting suitable staff.

With more than 30 years of experience we have worked with organisations of all sizes and from a range of industries, including Agriculture, Building and Construction, Civil Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering, Business Management and Food and Hospitality plus many more.