We provide a comprehensive range of employment and training services and solutions, including the recruitment of staff for long or short-term, permanent or temporary roles, projects and assignments.

Utilising our local and industry networks and databases, we’ll help you find qualified, skilled and motivated talent to suit and support your business needs. Our quality recruitment processes, including tight selection and screening standards, will save you time looking for staff and ensure that you only deal with the best candidates.

About this service

Using proven recruitment processes and methodologies, we connect employers and businesses with quality, pre-screened candidates from among our local and industry networks and databases. We can also coordinate a tailored recruitment campaign to meet your specific needs.

Our holistic approach to the recruitment process means that we can also help you to identify training and professional development gaps or opportunities that will support your staff and help make your team the best it can be.

Why Skillinvest?

Skillinvest can support your business at all stages of the recruitment process including:

  • Coordination of advertising campaigns, if required
  • Managing all enquires and applications
  • Shortlisting suitable candidates, using your criteria
  • Arranging interviews and referee checks on your behalf, if required
  • Notifying applicants of the outcome


Our professional recruitment services take the hassle out of finding and selecting suitable staff, saving you time and resources while ensuring you have access to the best possible candidates.

Skillinvest will work alongside you to ensure that each candidate has the required skills and qualifications to support and grow your business. Working as an extension of your team, for as long as you need us, we can also support you with ongoing training and skills development for new and current employees.


  • Cost-effective and proven recruitment process
  • Hassle free service to save you time and resources
  • Access our comprehensive database of job seekers
  • Tailored support to suit your business needs
  • Support with training for new and current staff

Skillinvest is a leading provider of employment and training services, delivering apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities, workplace training and nationally accredited courses across a range of industries to support the development and growth of individuals, businesses and communities.

We create tailored, practical and rewarding employment and training solutions and opportunities to help employers and their staff reach their true potential and achieve personal and professional goals. Partnering with Skillinvest to oversee your recruitment needs, will help you build a skilled and motivated workforce, and remove the pressures of finding and recruiting suitable staff, particularly young apprentices and trainees.

With more than 30 years of experience we have worked with organisations of all sizes and from a range of industries, including Automotive, Agriculture, Building and Construction, Civil Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering, Business Management, Equine Racing, Hairdressing, Food and Hospitality, IT and Communications plus many more.