Skillinvest employment and training

Developing staff to meet your business growth

Published 2 January 2019

With the new year we often look at ways to maximise opportunities within our businesses and look at ways in which we can grow. With growth comes the need for more staff to meet your needs. Fully qualified staff can be hard to find and often still need to be trained to suit your equipment and products.

Why not invest in the future of your business through a trainee or apprentice instead of relying on sourcing outside staff?

With on the job training options now you can develop fully qualified staff that are customised to your own business needs. If you’re worried about guaranteed workload, candidate suitability or all the paperwork that comes with it then why not consider the group training model.

Group Training is an employment and training arrangement whereby an organisation such as Skillinvest employs apprentices and trainees under a training and employment contract, and places them with host employers for as long as they need them.

This model is the easiest way to take on apprentices and trainees. You get all the advantages of carefully selected apprentices and trainees, short or long term, without the hassle of paperwork and payroll. We take care of the paperwork for wages, allowances, WorkCover, superannuation and trade school arrangements while the host employer allows time off to attend any off-the-job training that may be required.

Skillinvest currently has a talent pool of prospective trainees and apprentices keen to start a new career with your company. Why not have a chat to one of our consultants today to see how we can assist your business with employing an apprentice or trainee today.