Meet our Team: Sue-Ann Dean

Published 21 February 2022

Sue-Anne (Susie) Dean
Employment Programs Consultant

How long have you been with, or how did you first become involved with, Skillinvest?
I started working with Skillinvest seven months ago.

Tell us about your time at Skillinvest
In the last seven months I have been able to support not just employers but also employees to be able to keep moving through these hard times. I have helped employers with wage subsidies to be able to keep their doors open.

How has Skillinvest supportorted you throughout this journey?
Skillinvest has continuously provided me with the tools I need to be able to perform my role effectively and efficiently.
Skillinvest have supported me in doing something I love to do, which is help people.

Why would you recommend Skillinvest to people looking for employment support and to host employers?
We are as one! We may have different departments but we all work as one team to help businesses and individuals achieve their employment goals.

What does your current role with Skillinvest involve?
Creating lasting relationships with employers and employees, engaging with the job seekers to help them achieve their employment goals. As a mentor we help job seekers with any barriers they may be facing to gaining employment, we help to bridge the gaps. We work with Jobs Victoria to help with flexible funding if they need any support into placements.

What is the most rewarding thing about the work that you do?
One of the most rewarding things about my role is witnessing the growth and shift in attitude in the people I support. I see people go from having low self-esteem and thinking that goals are unattainable, to experiencing a boost in confidence with a can-do attitude.

Why is Skillinvest the right fit for you?
I work in an amazing team! We all work together and support each other to create lasting stories and really positive outcomes for the individuals and employers we support.


Learn more about our Jobs Victoria Employment Service Program here or get in touch with Sue-Anne by calling 1300 135 008.