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The Certificate IV in Building and Construction is coming to Skillinvest in 2023.

Published 10 October 2022

Skillinvest are excited to announce the Certificate IV in Building and Construction CPC40120 to their delivery scope. Building and Construction Courses will be offered in the beginning of 2023 with the earliest, a mid-February intake. Initially the course will be offered in Dandenong, with additional locations being considered later in 2023. The course will run two evenings per week.

Skillinvest are one Victoria’s leading providers of Building and Construction courses and training for apprentices in the Carpentry trade. Skillinvest have successfully assisted thousands of apprentice carpenters complete their training and become qualified in their trade. Skillinvest have gained a stellar reputation in the industry for the quality of their training, and the high standards of trainers/facilitators.

This announcement of the Certificate IV in Building & Construction at Skillinvest will come as welcome news to many in the trade. The Certificate IV in Building & Construction will assist learners in a range of areas including but not exclusive to:

  • Sound preparation for undertaking the application process to become a Registered Builder
  • The foundation/knowledge base to be able to run their own business in the building & construction industry.

Once an apprentice has completed their Certificate III training, and have qualified in their chosen trade, they have the opportunity to accelerate their success. This includes becoming a registered builder and starting a successful business that will provide a lifetime of rewards. The first major step, post-apprenticeship, is completing the Certificate IV in Building & Construction.

Whilst undertaking the Certificate IV in Building & Construction learners will also have the opportunity to participate in information sessions on becoming a Registered Builder. These sessions will begin running in mid to late 2023, so that participants can be prepared for the builders registration process.

Anyone who has recently completed an apprenticeship in a building trade, or are in the later stages of their apprenticeship, are strongly encouraged to register their interest for the Certificate IV in Building & Construction CPC40120 for a 2023 commencement.

Skillinvest will be opening official course enrolment in January 2023 and anyone who has registered their expression of interest will be prioritised a spot to enrol for the very first session of 2023.

Indicative Fees and Charges will be announced on our social media sites, and published on our website in the coming weeks.

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