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Young Parents Education Program wraps up for 2018

Published 5 November 2018

Well we have had the last of our classes for the Young Parents Education Program for 2018, and ended off with a great gathering and get together at Casey RACE pools. Was a lovely chance to get together and spend time with the mums and babies in the pool and sharing a snack together also!

This year has seen some great personal and academic achievements achieved by students….

Some have taken a break from us this year to have second babies, and then returned to study with us, some have enrolled mid year pregnant, and are expecting babies soon, and some have completed their studies and have transitioned onto further study and part time work.

Two students will graduate at the end of this year with their yr 12 senior level VCAL certificate, and I could not be prouder! Both of these young mums had their babies very young and have come across many barriers daily that test their strength and resilience, but they have tried so hard and managed to complete the VCAL year. I have helped them transition into further education and one is enrolled in Diploma of Nursing, and wanting to become a midwife, whilst the other is doing a Diploma of Justice and wants to be a policewoman..

Thanks to the ongoing support of Jill, management and the consortium members, as it takes a village..

Looking forward to next year, and the stories that lie ahead!

Karyn – YPEP Educator

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