Skillinvest fabrication and mechanical workplace training

Skillinvest now offer apprentices in the fabrication and mechanical trades the ability to train in the workplace!

Published 4 April 2019

Taking on an apprentice or trainee is a great way to enhance your business, bring a fresh new perspective into the fold, and contribute to the long term sustainability of Australia’s leading industries. If you’re in the manufacturing sector you may have taken on apprentices recently or are considering taking on an apprentice. The biggest advantage for the apprentice you engage is being able to train them in an environment where the training is centred around the product or service you are delivering as a business. For the majority of their apprenticeship, your apprentice will be involved in hands on workplace based training where you are able to instill in your apprentice, your businesses’ strategic plan and vision.

However what happens when it comes to your apprentices’ requirement to attend a trade school program where, periodically your apprentice will be trained by a highly regarded industry expert through a training or TAFE provider. Your apprentice’s industry trainer will bring with them, their experience, qualifications, enthusiasm and other unique factors that make them one of the best in their field. However the biggest factor that they cannot bring with them are your practices and competitive edge. Plus, they are not familiar with your customers and the things that are inextricably linked to your business model.

Skillinvest have been providing training in a workplace based model successfully for several years and have demonstrated the ability to deliver on the flexibility and responsiveness that is important to your business.

Skillinvest currently provide flexible on the job training in Engineering (fabrication and mechanical trades). If you have recently employed an apprentice, you can nominate Skillinvest as your training provider of choice to deliver the training to your apprentice, on-site in the environment that is familiar to you (the business owner) and your apprentice.

A qualified trainer will visit you in the workplace and have a confidential discussion with you, and your apprentice about what we can provide. We will consult with you and make the determination if the training plan can be implemented in the workplace based on the equipment, machinery, processes, and other support mechanisms you already have in place.

Having your apprentice, who is your employee and a vital part of your team, with you as often as possible allows you to run your business effectively whilst benefiting from an upskilled workforce.

The benefits to your business include:

  • Industry Professional Educators can customise the training styles to suit your businesses standard practices.
  • Flexible start dates allows you to commence training any time of the year.
  • Your apprentice will complete their training in the same environment they work in using the same tools and equipment.
  • Our trainers time is dedicated to your apprentice while completing their training.
  • No need for your apprentice to be travelling off site, meaning more time spent in your business.

Download our flyers here:

Engineering Mechanical Trade

Engineering Fabrication Trade

For a confidential discussion about your training needs please call Michael Chamoff on 1300 135 008 or email

Accredited training may be delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. Eligibility criteria apply.